Purpose of this Privacy Policy

This privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) is issued by HK Gamefield Co. Ltd and its related companies (individually or collectively referred to as “Game.ly”). This Privacy Policy applies the services provided by Game.ly (“Services”).

Game.ly is committed to protecting your privacy and personally identifiable information. This Privacy Policy explains how Game.ly collects, uses, discloses, and processes your personally identifiable information.

This Privacy Policy constitutes an inseparable part of Game.ly's User Agreement and must be read in conjunction with Game.ly's User Agreement.

Collection and Use of Information

When the User registers a Game.ly account, Game.ly will ask for the User’s identification document, nationality, name, interests, gender, mobile phone number, and personal financial information (such as your banking details) in addition to a personal profile. Once the User is successfully registered with Game.ly, Game.ly will be able to identify the User when the User uses our Services or logs in to our website and server.

Game.ly automatically receives and records the information on the User’s browser and server logs, including the User’s IP address, information in Game.ly cookies, and the User’s browsing history.

Game.ly uses this information to enhance the quality of the video services that Game.ly provides and to improve the effectiveness to better tailor our Services to the User’s interests and needs under the privacy protection rules set out in this Privacy Policy.

The protection of User privacy is a fundamental policy of Game.ly. Game.ly guarantees that it will not publicly disclose or provide a third party with an individual User's registered information or non-public content, which is stored in Game.ly during the use of our Services, unless in the following circumstances:
    a. When prior express authorization from the User is obtained;
    b. When and as required by applicable laws and regulations;
    c. When and as required by relevant competent authorities of the government;
    d. When it is necessary to safeguard the public interest; or
    e. When it is necessary to safeguard the legal rights and interests of Game.ly.

Game.ly may collaborate with a third party to provide the User with relevant Services. In this scenario, Game.ly has the right to share the User’s personally identifiable information with a third party, provided that the third party agrees to bear responsibility for providing privacy protection no less favorable to that of Game.ly.

Under the condition that no personally identifiable information of a User is disclosed, Game.ly has the right to analyze the entire User database and utilize the User database for commercial purposes.

The User acknowledges and agrees that the User may, directly or indirectly, provide any of its personally identifiable information through its use of the Services and as provided under this Privacy Policy. For the purposes of this article, the User hereby agrees and consents to the use of the User’s personally identifiable information by Game.ly, and such shall be considered as the consent as stipulated under the prevailing applicable laws.

The User hereby agrees and consents to the accessing of the User’s camera. microphone, accounts, phone contact list, or whatever otherwise by Game.ly, under which the User may use such equipment or information as aforementioned to communicate with or spot out possible video chat partners for the User and then send invitation to those video chat partners to join a video chat session or to do any other activities that are not forbidden by applicable laws.

Disclosure and Sharing of Information

When the User submits personally identifiable information to Game.ly, it shall be deemed as the User’s consent to Game.ly regarding the collection, storage, use, and disclosure of the User’s personally identifiable information by Game.ly. Game.ly will never display, rent, or sell the User’s personally identifiable information to others except for in the scenarios as follows:
    a. The User gives us a clear instruction for certain products and services of any third party which requires the User’s personal information; or
    b. Game.ly is required to disclose under a court summons, court order, or any other legal processes.

Game.ly is not responsible for any collection, disclosure, or use of the User’s personally identifiable information provided by the User to any third party's website which may be linked to or from our website.


Game.ly will set or access Game.ly cookies on the User’s computer and phone.

Game.ly allows those companies that publish advertisements on our webpages to set or access cookies on User’s computer and phone. Other companies will use cookies in accordance with their own privacy policy and cannot access cookies used by Game.ly.

In performing operations associated with our Services, Game.ly uses web beacons to retrieve cookies from our website.

Web Beacons (if applicable)

The webpages of Game.ly include electronic images (known as a "pixel GIF" or a "beacon") that allow the website to calculate the number of Users that have saved a certain cookie. The ways in which Game.ly uses beacons include as follows:
    a. Game.ly uses beacons on the website to calculate the total number of Users and to identify registered Users using saved Game.ly cookies;
    b. Game.ly is able to provide customized webpage services when the User are on non-6.cn websites by saving Game.ly cookies;
    c. Game.ly uses website beacons to collect data for partner websites (relevant data is also used for statistical purposes);
    d. Game.ly User data recorded by website beacons are compiled and made available to our partners as aggregate data for reference purposes. Aggregate data includes information such as User count and usage, but does not include any personally identifiable information;
    e. When Game.ly places website beacons to collect data for our partners, Game.ly require our partners to inform the Users on their privacy policy page that the webpage uses Game.ly website beacons; and
    f. Game.ly will only record beacons in the User’s current browser and will not record in the User’s use history. Therefore, to completely block the beacon, the User must click on the relevant link on all of the User’s computers and browsers.

HTML Emails

Game.ly typically adds a beacon when sending emails in HTML format (emails containing images) to count the number of opened messages.

Typically, electronic images are considered to be part of webpage and, including banner ads, can all be used as beacons. Therefore, beacons can be added to all advertisements placed by Game.ly.

Game.ly may track certain usage behavior. Information collected from Game.ly beacons are used to understand how customers use our products, provide more accurate reports and enhance the effectiveness of our marketing.

Editing Personal Account Information and Preferences

At any time, the User has the right to edit the User’s Game.ly account information and preferences, including whether the User would like to receive information on the latest products from Game.ly.

Security Safeguards

Game.ly ensures the security of any personally identifiable information of the Users in accordance with Game.ly’s internal policies.

The User’s Game.ly account is password protected to ensure the security of the User’s privacy and information. Under certain conditions, Game.ly may use the universally accepted SSL encryption system to ensure the security of information transfer.

Contacting Us

For any questions relating to your personally identifiable information or about this Privacy Policy, or if you have a complaint regarding the collection, use, or handling of your personally identifiable information by us, or a question about how we are complying with applicable laws, you may contact us at:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gamelyofficial
Email: gamely.official@gamely.com

Amendments to the Privacy Policy

Game.ly periodically makes changes to the Privacy Policy. If there are substantial changes to the Privacy Policy, Game.ly will promptly notify Users by posting the relevant terms in a prominent position on webpage. The Users’ continued use of Game.ly constitutes the Users’ agreement to any such changes to the Privacy Policy.


This Privacy Policy is made in English and Bahasa Indonesia. In the event of any inconsistency or different interpretation between the English and Bahasa Indonesia versions of this Privacy Policy, the English version will prevail, and the Indonesian version is deemed to be automatically amended to conform to the relevant English version.

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